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  1. Only online registrations will be accepted. The registration form must be filled correctly in accordance with reality. In order to complete registration, the user must choose a participation package and pay the fee. Failure to pay the participation fee will result in cancellation of your registration.
  2. If the data entered is incorrect, it is your responsibility to contact the Secretariat department to correct it. The data can be modified either directly by the participant through the website, or at the participant’s email request, only before the start of the event. The request must be sent to


  1. The only available payment method is the online payment via a debit or credit card. No commission will be charged on our website. The payment confirmation and validation of the purchase will be processed immediately after completing the process.
  2. By choosing to pay online, you agree to your card data (card number, expiration date, CVV etc.) being processed by Banca Transilvania – BT, and I undertake to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages of the online payment system, being separate from these clauses.

Refund Policy

  1. If the 2023 edition of the Dent-X Congress is postponed or cancelled, the participant’s package will be transferred to the next available period decided by the Organising Team.
  2. In the event of Force Majeure, the Organising Team has the right to cancel the event. Refunds will be made based on the amount spent up until the point of cancellation. However, in this situation, we will try to return as large a percentage of the registration fees as possible.
  3. If the participant decides not to participate or partially participate at the event, the participation fee will not be integrally refunded.

Event Guidelines

  1. By registering for the 3rd edition of Dent-X Congress, I agree that my data will be processed by the Bucharest Dental Students’ Association.
  2. By registering to the event, I agree that the media materials created during the event will be used for advertising purposes on the website or social media pages of the event (Web, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and of the partners, as well as in other printed or non-printed advertising materials.
  3. By participating in the event, you understand and undertake to adopt a conduct appropriate to the nature and location* of the event, being aware that it is an independent event and unaffiliated culturally, politically or religiously.
  4. Participants are not allowed to attend if they are under the influence of any intoxicants. At the same time, the participant is directly responsible for their personal alcohol consumption and its consequences.
  5. The Organising Team is in no way responsible for any material or physical damage/death caused during or during the event. Any material damage caused by the participant to the locations* or materials of the organiser entails the obligation to pay for them.
  6. Theft of any kind will not be tolerated. The Organising Team is not responsible in any way for any thefts committed in the locations* of the event.
  7. In case of non-compliance with the law, the internal order regulation of the location*, as well as the conduct corresponding to the event, the Organising Team has the right to revoke the access to the event of the participant in question.
  8. The distribution of the video materials made available to the participants is not allowed, except to the extent of small fragments, lasting less than one minute, on social media. Distribution in any form that harms the image of the congress is strictly prohibited and represents a violation of the intellectual property rights of the event.