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An Overview of Modern Dentistry
27th of March – 2nd of April, 2023
Bucharest Dental Students’ Association presents

A new edition of our beloved Congress, crafted in the heart of Romania



United until the End

Striving to create the ultimate dental experience for all Dent-X Congress participants, we’re are a team composed of 14 colleagues and, more than anything, friends that will always act as an unity for the prosperity of our event.

Driven by Creativity

For us, one of the critical key-points of an event is given by its visual, its atmosphere and, in general, by the experience lived by the participants throughout the days spent with our team. We want to create for you the most creative and flabbergasting story to live during Dent-X Congress.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Măriuca RizeaPresident of Congress

Event made possible by

Our Sponsors & Partners

We have pursued a long-term collaboration with our sponsors and partners, based on mutual trust and respect. We take this opportunity to thank for their trust and support, as well as their professional approach that has made possible so much more than what could have been.


Novotel Hotel

Known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for the high life (which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris"), Bucharest, Romania's largest city and capital, is today a bustling metropolis.

Quality Experience

We promise to give you the highest quality possible of material, space and events when participating to Dent-X Congress.

Lasting Memories

You’ll have the sweetest and most amazing memories from our week full of carefully crafted activities.

Update your Knowledge

By attending Dent-X, you’ll leave the event with a baggage full of modern and interesting information in regards to Dentistry.